Effects of Immigration on both the Host Country and the Home Country


Immigration, both legal and illegal has been an issue of concern over the recent years across the world. Most citizens of third world countries are conspicuously moving from their countries to countries they termed more industrialized and developed such as the West of Europe and the United States of America. A large number of immigrants move due to some factors such as the search for better jobs, enrollment in colleges and universities, escape due to conflicts or insecurity reasons among others. Voluntary or involuntary, immigration has had adverse effects on the immigrant, the host country, and their home country.

Most poor and developing countries suffer brain drain as a major impact of immigration in search for better-paying jobs and employment. After the country spends the limited resources it has in educating the students; they eventually leave to other developed countries with all the knowledge, skills and expertise. The home is thereby left poorer at the resources, and without the expertise, it requires most. The United Kingdom, for instance, has been reported to be actively poaching medical skills from the third world countries which leave them dying due to lack of the health staff when in the real sense they have spent the better part of their resources training their citizens only for them to be taken away.

Illegal immigration has been the cause of criminal activities such as drug and human trafficking. The illegal practices have been on the highest level over the recent years and have been closely associated with illegal immigrants. The citizens who move into other countries without undergoing the legal requirements have been proven to be part of drug trafficking, human slavery, corruption, hoarding of goods and many other related issues at http://httpswww.immigrationinformation.org/family-based-immigration/ which is also a risk to the security of the country.

Immigration has also been a cause of labor exploitation and discriminative practices such as racism. Expatriates and other foreign citizens have been reported to be mistreated and exploited for their cheap services. Most of the foreigners are entitled to the low-quality jobs that are not termed fit for the impetrates and citizens of the host country. They are also paid lower wages and salaries as compared to their host counterparts. Other foreigners have also been reported to be discriminated on based on their race and color, ethical backgrounds, nationality among other similar grounds. Know more about immigration at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/immigration.

The host countries have also experienced a rise in their talent pool due to the coming of the trained and experienced expatriates, discover more here!


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